Wind energy generation 2

With the current massive wind energy expansion it is easy to sit back, relaxing in your chair thinking we are on track. But to meet the European 2030 climate target another 1000 TWh renewable energy is needed. Currently, an offshore wind turbine delivers about three times as much electricity as one onshore. And the technology continues to advance. Globally, former only oil company Shell is building offshore wind energy where a single park provides energy equal to a nuclear power plant. Denmark plans for three parks producing over 3 TWh respectively. Sweden however, is still waiting to cut grid connection costs and so far the expansion here is waiting to happen.
On stage we have representatives for some of the major Nordic energy companies. What are their strategies and future plans for Nordic offshore wind energy? What part will Sweden play?

Magnus Hall



Ulrik Stridbäck

Vice President och Head of Regulatory Affairs


Tanja Tränkle

Projektledare Förnybar Energi

RISE Research Institute